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We do scouting assignments


Our work consists of finding young and talented players and verifying potential transfer targets for clubs We have the scouting range that consists of most counties, a unified grading system for player performances based on the systems created by western clubs and statistical analysis


Player database

We've got thousands of reports of players of all ages in our database. We use tools that allow for a quick search based on specific criteria.


Player reports

Scouts from all around Poland send in reports every week, from matches in various different leagues. We get into places, where popular scouting tools don't.


Gathering reports and selecting

We gather reports and collect data to be able to evaluate and compare the potential of players from all around Poland. All this to allow our scouts to have all the important data to be able to find the best possible transfer target to join the club that we work with.



We get in touch with players to show them our ideas and hear about their ideas on their further development.



We try hard to have our reviews done well. Only after gathering a respectable amount of data sorrounding a player do the scouts discuss their performances, their statistics and evaluate them based on this, presenting their strenghs and weaknesses.

Why is it worth to get in touch with us and attain our services?


We'll find you young and talented players, who will soon improve the quality of your team

You'll stop wasting money you spend on unverified players, who were recommended by agents or agencies

You'll join the ranks of clubs with a well organized scouting system, which will greatly improve your club

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We have done or still do scouting assignments for professional clubs in Poland:


Siarka Tarnobrzeg

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